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Do CAP Laws Work?

Yes.  Reducing access to firearms by children saves lives.

Research shows that the practices of keeping firearms locked, unloaded, and storing ammunition in a locked location separate from firearms can reduce youth suicide (Webster et al, 2004; Hemenway, 2006) and unintentional injury (Cummings et al, 1997) in homes with children and teenagers, especially when significant liability penalty is stipulated (Webster and  Starnes, 2000).  

Currently, twenty-eight states in the country have a CAP law, and it works.  Studies show that in twelve of these states that have such law in effect for at least one year, unintentional firearm deaths fell by 23% among children (Hepburn et al, 2006).  Read Research on CAP laws for a comprehensive review. 

CAP Law will make a statement about the importance of, and raise public awareness to gun safety in the home.  It will make parents and gun owners take a similar view as other safety measures like seat belts, car seats, bicycle helmets, and locks for medicines and poisons.  It will remind gun owners their responsibility of safe gun storage at home to prevent unauthorized child access and firearm mortality.


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