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Educational materials (by CSVC)

Ten Facts about Gun Safety in Children New

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Are Vermont  Children Protected and Safe from Firearms?


Story of Aaron (Newspaper articles)

Essex Reporter, by Susan Reid, 9/3/2009

Seven Days, by Ken Picard, 9/2/2009


Community efforts on firearm storage laws (medial reports)

Essex Reporter, by Jason Starr, 9/10/09

Essex Reporter, by Jason Starr, 9/24/09

Burlington Free Press,  by Matt Ryan, 9/18/09

Seven Days  Blog, by Ken Picard, 1/14/2010

Burlington Free Press,  by Matt Ryan, 3/4/10

Vermont Public Radio, interview with Mitch Wertlieb, 11/30/10 New

WPTZ News Channel 5, interview with Jill Glavan, 11/30/10 New


CAP (Child Access Prevention from Firearms) Laws

Summary of CAP Laws in US

Interactive CAP Law By State

Research on CAP laws


Vermont existing firearm laws and comparisons

Firearm law facts

Comparison to other states

Comparison to other safety laws


National data on youth firearm mortality

Facts at a glance


Vermont data on yough firearm mortality

Unintentional death State Statisitcs

Unintentional and intentional death rate comparing to other states (1987-2006)  (2001-2006)

Suicide death rate by means (2002-2007)


Safe Gun storage and children's safety

Evidence of safe gun storage to prevent adolescent suicide - by Davis Hemenway

In harm's way - Guns and kids - by Sandra Boodman, Washingtonpost, 5/30/06


Understanding suicide and suicide prevention

Means Matter

The urge to end it all - by Scott Anderson, NYTimes, 7/6/08